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Never has a time in my life been as important as the years of 1990 to 1996.  Those glorious years took me on a trip.  I was told, once a week, maybe twice during sweeps about a time when a young man from Philly got in trouble with his mom.

Good night sweet prince, good night.  Damn you Will Smith for being so damn charming!


He was just hanging out playing some basketball and using blue spray paint as deodorant.   But here unfortunately there were a couple of guys, they were wearing a lot of black, and had chains on and were standing by a boom box punching fists into their palms, believe you me that usually means biznas.  I was told that these guys were just up to nothing good.  They picked our hero up over their head and spun him around.   Oh I am sure he had a tummy ache.  So what happens next you ask? His mom shook her finger and said, You are going to live with your rich Aunt and Uncle in California, USA.  He you will learn to be materialistic and snobby.  Nice.

fresh prince of bel air

Yep, this is a free Wall Paper you can attain online. Just don't have you computer on next to mine.

So then he gets out of the cab, tells the cabby that the cabby smells, classic.  Then skips to the door knocks and spins his head around in anticipation of the antics him a Carlton will get into.  Such as this.  My favorite child hood memory.

Fade out to Jazzy Jeff getting thrown out of the house.  When I have a family I will force them to be exactly like the Bank’s.  Does somebody want to get thrown out of my house daily?

Who would win in a fight? The Tanners or the Banks? I’ll tell you.  All of us.


Awesome Song of The Day # 70

Annie Lennox – Why (yes, yes I am serious, you honestly don’t turn this up to 11 in your car when you are alone and the windows are up?, yeah thought so…)