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That last post made me want to eat…soooo…..

We live in a wonderful time.  You can eat anything you want. Fungus that grows on shit? = Mushrooms.  Bull Testicles? = Rocky Mountain Oysters (note: my folks in the capital of Rocky Mountain Oysters: Severance, CO. where the motto is “where the geese fly and the bulls cry”.  Genius.  They should add were I get sick to my stomach to that slogan.)  AND!  It doesn’t stop there! Long fake sugar worms!  Not only that but you can get them in nearly any color.  Even colors that don’t exist yet. I love how somebody saw this:


I see this and I think of snacking!

And that made them think of this:

Gummy Worms

Good Enough For Fish Well Good Enough For Me!

Hmmm what is the most appetizing food available?  Yep Worms. I wish there was a way I could feed those to my kids!  Maybe stick one up my nose?   Don’t tell me you haven’t done it.  What I love about candy is it’s just sugar.  People feel bad about eating sugar out of a bag or jar.  But make it look like a gross bug and it’s really awesome and should be shared with your friends at lunch.  Well, fuck that I want gummy turds.  Cause if we are gonna be Americans we need to go all out and pull out all the stops…why stop with worms? The sky is the limit.

Moment of Seriousness: Thoughts are with those in Haiti.  Give to relief if you can.


Awesome Song of The Day #90

Broken Bells (Dude From The Shins and Danger Mouse ((Genius)))

The High Road