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Man-kinds entire existence has been centered around the search for happiness.  We have tried religion, drugs, music, movies, friendship, families, staring at Koala Bears and so on and so forth.  Well, today driving home from an unnamed International Airport in the city of Denver, it will stay secret to protect my identity, I discovered the secret to happiness.

Irish License Plate

Well that's fucking bullshit.

Not a lick of Irish in me.  Life is cruel, and I had to find out the hard way that I will never be happy.  Judy McGarrity’s license plate on her 97′ mauve Ford Tempo.  Talk about kick in the ballsfacestomach.  Well I guess that gives me the right to pursue my true calling.  Blackhearted Somali pirate. Don’t bring your cargo ships around these parts…. pirating (a real verb) will happen.

I am tired from traveling.  Enjoy this song. Makes me….well I was gonna say happy but thats not true cause I’m not irish.  Neither is this band.  Well, get mild fleeting entertainment from it.

Awesome Song #110

The Morning Benders – Chasing a Ghost



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So cute.


Ahhhhh. Nature's Pillow.

Like me of the mini bear world. Wait! Fact check! Give me a pause………….

I am back, Professor Wikipedia, has informed yet again I am wrong and the English Language is full of shit.

Koala Bears are not in fact bears.  The name has fooled me for years and years and years and years. Maybe Koala Marsupial just didn’t sound right.  I think its got a cathy ring to it, and honesty is the best policy, thats what Momma TsandA always said. Until I found out that she was a double agent from Moscow trying to steal all my secrets…. can’t trust anybody not even the Koala.

You know what really makes them awesome.  Big doughey eyes? No, but close those do get me everytime.  The little button nose? No silly we aren’t talking about me.  The giant razor sharp claws that are supposed to be on a dragon not an actual Ewok. Yepppp. Look at these beasts!

Koala Claw

Claws of a El Chupacabra? They freeekin wish.

Holy balls, they are so redic that they only need 3! (as far as I know that’s a guess this picture only shows 3 so they only have 3 toes)

The uses for these? Peeling fruits. Climbing Trees. Slashing other dirt bag Koalas in the grill when they step.  For real though, Im not even sure tigers want any piece of that.  That’s were they get you.

Koala – “Ahhh look at me I am cute as can be”

Tiger – “nice, gonna eat you bitch”

Swiping noise

Tiger – dead.

Koala then eats the Tiger while starring at the Tiger’s family and just points with one of those claws “don’t step”

Evil Koala

Full of Tiger Meat. Look at the gnarly scar on the face! that's from Koala gang fighting. Truth.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.  Because that book could eat your tiger.


Awesome Song of the Day #109

was a debate today, Rural Alberta Advantage is pretty sweet, but we’ve been without some rap for a minute.

The Clipse Ft. Camron (produced by the Neptunes)

Popular Demand (popeyes)