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I am really damn excited for the Mars Rover.  You bet your ass I am topical as hell! Current events, son!


Mars Rover

That Rover has Space Dementia!

Nobody talks about the 80 trillion dollar Robocop we put on Mars to take this photograph.

We, yes we, the North Americans minus Polar Bears and Canada dropped a fucking RC Racer onto the Mars and are currently exploring the shit out of it.  Finding monsters and aliens and Spocks all damn day.

Bill Nye: Nearly none of that is true. Ass.

Me: Hey! Bill. Shut up.  Well after you tell me which part I am right about….

Bill Nye: Polar Bears and Canada didn’t help.

Me: Duh. Polar Bears are dumb as hell and Canada is poor. USA! USA! USA!

Bill Nye: Jeez. No Monsters or Aliens or singular Spock either. It just rolls around at 2″ per second and cores the soil and takes measurements.

Me: Ugh. Boring. 2″ a second?  It would take that hoss all of 6 seconds to measure my….

Bill: Gross.

Me: You cut me off.  Dick.

Bill: Yea, we got that.


Bill: ….

Don’t worry.  Mr. Nye left.  Sometimes he can’t handle talking science with me.  Like when I beat NAS in rap battles. Which are usually about Bill Nye wearing tie dye while drinking a mai tai.

NAS: …… ( silence just like the end of 8 Mile )

I like explaining written jokes.  Means they are good.

The only really cool thing that is going to come from the Mars Rover is now Aliens on other planets can see we are getting pretty cool over here on Earth and it is time to blow us up.  Which I mean is really all anybody can ask for in this life.




GHOST (Acoustic)

Easily my current favorite band.  Mind blowing.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving next year.  Like to get it out of the way early.



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Hey pyscho…acid rain isn’t cool! But….It is kind of a toss up.  On the one hand we are killing rivers and trees and my aunt ethel. True, those are all horrible horrible things.  On the other hand it has the power to make statutes scream in acidy pain.  Which I only thought Professor X from The X Men could do.


Statue baby is hating life ... and why? Acid Rain. Nature is so badass.

You have to look at nature like a badass, pissed off neighbor.  He has to live next to annoying humans who won’t stop putting junk and space craft into his yard (the sky if you don’t get my image laden imagery).  So he makes acid fall from the sky.  Don’t get me started on Acid Guy from Robocop either, because soon we will all look like that guy, yes … I am sorta hoping for that.

You don’t understand.  Let Science picture explain.


Acid Rain

Blah Blah Blah Science blah blah.... melting buildings? I'm sold.

I don’t see the big deal, nobody lives in nature anymore? That city looks A-Okay! Nice, We are good.


What I really want is an acid rain movie.  Probably be made by that 2012 guy.  Where people are melting and screaming in the streets while acid melts their faces.  Somebody would run outside with an umbrella to save their baby… who for whatever reason is hiding under a car.  The umbrella is slowly melting and acid dripping down on them.  It is just awesome.  Then Godzilla comes and eats New York and it will end.  I have no idea why I don’t run hollywood.  Did you know that when you spell check Godzilla you get goodwill? makes sense to me, because there is a little godzilla in all of us.  Yes, I have used that reference before…. and I will use it again.

Crap my car is melting… It is raining.


Awesome Song of the Day #73

Interpol – Slow Hands