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Many a fat person will tell you that suspenders are to hold up your pants in the face of a massive gut.  Belts just can’t handle this pressure.  My belt does the job just fine but when you got an extra 250 lbs swinging around that mid section it gets a little harder to control.  I have to beg to differ on this one.  I am pretty damn sure that suspenders are meant to help you win truck stop arm wrestling matches.

Stallone Over the top suspenders

Ayeeee yooo, i gots to hold my pants when i am wrestling....yoooo, adrian, ayee yooo, Rocky Balboa John Rambo John Spartan other things that do with Stallone!

I think the main point is that you have to know how to wear your suspenders.  Hipster look?

Hipster Suspenders

Not cool looking, stop copying Sly. You won't beat him in arm wraslin he also wears those.

Thrown in a side kick dog and a cape? Maybe some giant green muscles? Sounds good to me.


Fashion is just easy for me, I know I just get it.  When wearing your blue boots you need red suspenders and to shave your big green bald head.  I should win America’s Next Top Model.

Massive Win.


Awesome Song of the Day #115

Crystal Castles –

Baptism – LIVE

If you can rock to that, you and I can have Thanksgiving dinner together any time… Even when it’s not Thanksgiving.