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Halo, no skills taught. Kids just sitting around smoking bongs shooting rockets at each other at a prison.  What can you use that for in real life? I’m asking you.  I can wait……….

I got sick of waiting and learned some war tactics and mental visualization skills by playing a quick game of battleship with my dog.  He always sinks my battle ship! Then I throw the board across the room and pout.  I am currently pouting.  Big frowny face. Shup up eligh, I know you always win.

What else do kids do these days?  Pokeman? Digimon? Some other japanese card crap thing? That only teaches kids to be poofs who are afraid of the sun none of those animals are real… at least when I was a kid I had baby animal memory.  Great for the brain and adorable.

When I was a kid we practiced being construction workers.  Practical real world skills that we could transfer to our adult lives.

Kid Construction Worker

It's not that bad, fresh air, as many cigs as you can smoke, a sweet hat. See Timmy you too can join the working class.

Look how much fun I had? Buckets.  Which I knew how to fill and empty because of my construction skills.

My imaginary sister. What did she get? Easy-Bake oven  Now she can bake the shit out of some stuff.  And as a secret added bonus that you just don’t think about.  Changing Light Bulbs.  Think about it.  Two skills in one!  Personal Palm Computers for kids? Kids don’t have appointments! You don’t need a Palm Pre to schedule picking your nose.  I remember just fine.

Easy Bake Oven

Girls you're gonna need these skills to land a man......

Well I have effectively offended my female fans.  Ha thats a good one. Girls don’t read this. Or talk to me… More frowny face!

I really don’t party with to many children these days.  Trying to think of more stuff they do that sucks. Let me think.


I just googled some shit that pisses me off more than fire ants on my face.  When I was a kid nerf and super soaker where the shit. You had to convince your folks to get 2 toys to get both.  Now they have combined forces!? Whaaaa? First KFC and Taco Bell now Super Soaker and Nerf? Ohh no big d…looks like crap.  Good. That was a close call thought kids these days had a foot up on us. Nope still sucky.

Bull shit super nerfers don’t have shit on… king kong!!!  Yes, Denzel Washington, we realize that … now stop yelling that at Ethan Hawke. He is fragile and stop interrupting my blog.   I was going to say hungry hungry hippos.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

I wanna be the blue one.

How many lessons in that game?!?!?! Count em. Survival of the Fittest! ONE!.  But a good lesson, if you don’t eat as much as you can, and as much of your co-hippas food as you can.  Then you will starve to death.  What happens when there is no more food? Ughhh, play again. World resources solved yet again. I tackle the big issues move over anderson cooper.



Awesome Song of the Day #111





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When I get hungry I usually call subway and ask them to deliver me some mac and cheese.  There is usually a pause, I can hear them say, that asshole is calling about mac and cheese again…then they hang up on me.

Mac and Cheese

Have you ever filled your bath tub with Mac and Cheese? It is wonderful. And delicious.

After they don’t make me mac and cheese and deliver to me and spoon feed it to me,  I just go to taco bell and drown my tears in a CGC (Cheesy Gordita Crunch, duh) Maybe wash down that sorrow with some Wild Cherry Pepsi.  Wild Cherry? As apposed to tamed? Do they have a Cherry whisperer?  If so

Dear Taco Bell,

Give me that Job,

Love, Me


P.S. Can you put a Taco Bell franchise in my bathroom? 2 reasons, 1) I don’t have to leave my house to get diarrhea and then I am already in my bathroom.  Win Win Win, except for the guy who then has to work in my bathroom…or girl I would be equal opportunity employer.

I am not sure how or why or who discovered Mac and Cheese, I heard it was Christopher Columbus but others have told me it was Einstein, doesn’t matter whoever it was should win some sort of award.  Peabody or Golden Globe would suffice.  It is so cheesy and warm and filling and just makes me feel loved.  I just lay in bed and get whipped by a dominatrix and she throws mac and cheese in my face…just a normal saturday night at my house.  Kids know what is up when it comes to food.  If something is good enough that all kids like it, it is probably pretty freeeeeeaaaaakin neat, and kids are usually shit heads about everything.


Mac and Cheese

No wonder kids like it! Mascots, kids are so dumb.



The only downside to constantly eating mac and cheese? … the orange solid material that is in all my veins where my blood is supposed to be is kinda weird.  But I digress it’s fucking awesome.

Im Full

Awesome Song of The Day #72


No Video But So Worth It