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I am found a new way to decide what to write about.  A psychic german octopus opens my garage door, opens my house door, rides eligh for a few minutes, opens the internet to a random link and I have to write about it.  So far we have been taking mulligans on a few topics because my first 47 topics were all hardcore german porn.  Don’t get my wrong I wanna put sauerkraut on a girls tits and have a monkey shave my balls but this is a family show as I have said before.  So finally we land on something wholesome and delicious.  Jello.  Photographic example of topic follows this period. <——— (that fucking period)

Why the shit am I holding this with my fingers! Now they are sticky. Fuck. This is a failure, I quit.

Sorry, I had a self-pity party.  You know what cures that? Jello and Hardcore german porn watching with a psychic german octopus.  But only named paul.  (if you don’t know a psychic german octopus has been guessing all the world cup games right so far, then I probably sound pretty awesome right about now, but alas, my fair prince, I didn’t make that up, boy howdy I wish I would have)

Doesn’t bill Cosby like Jello? and if there is anything America likes more than Bill Cosby I sure haven’t found it

Other people who supposedly also like Jello.

Shaq, Christian Slater, Paul the psychic octopus, and the San Diego Charger.  That is all.

Have you ever wondered what the set of full house would look like made of jello? Me too, shaq, me too.

What a gay model...get it? GAY? San Francisco?!?!?! Zing! Take that to the bank.

My grandmother in law used to make 7 layer jello, it was pretty cool.  Tasted like a rainbow. It would have been cooler as 8 level but you know she was only soooo talented.  (dear grandma in law, im only kidding, you know it was fucking way cooler than 6 layer jello)

I am on the all Jello diet.  I only eat Jello. Duh.

(spell check told me all should be awl … what the fuck word is that)

Lebron, you could have had all the Jello you wanted if you came to the nuggets but noooo you had to want cocaine and dirty ladies.  The choice is simple, me, the nuggets, jello and psychic german octopuses.

Blah blah blah colored sugar that jiggles.

I am over it. Bye.

Yea, I feel I really closed this one out strong. Your welcome.



All Natural

50 Years

Quite possibly my favorite hip song ever.  Behind baby got back of course.