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It is Saturday night, Point Break is on TV.  I have downloaded  a bunch of new music and had a Mrs. Fields cookie ice cream sandwich.  Life is pretty freakin amazing sometimes. I figured I’d massage your ear drums with the sweet sound of good music.  I also thought about doing a naked helicopter in my culdesac but figured I’d get arrested.

Song #1

The Pass – Treatment of the Sun


Song #2

Big Boi Ft. Gucci Mane

Shine Blockers

Beat is smooth like my ass, vocals are clean like my record, collabo tight like my ass also???? I am not as good at that as rappers … Actually… I like em.  In your face rappers


Song #3

All Summer – Converse (Cudi, Best Coast, guy from Vampire Weekend)

just a great song, if this doesn’t make you tap your toes.  Well listen to something else that does.


Song #4

Electric Tickle Machine



Song #5

Delta Mirror

He was worse than the needle he gave you

I figure that will be good for you.  Enjoy. Can I also recommend a Mrs Fields Cookie Ice Cream sandwich? Do your self a favor and get one of them.  If you do yourself a favor do you owe you one? When are you ever even?  You better clean your brains off the wall that I just exploded with my deepness.