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This is a big fucking day!  I have successfully kept this jump kick fiesta going to 100 songs.  A few posts didn’t have songs, I think I was smoking crack or something during those days.  But it doesn’t matter.  This day is like finding the end of a rainbow… getting a pot of gold and then realizing that this bad boy doesn’t stop … ever! Pots of Gold all year long! I wanted to celebrate by celebrating one of the greatest songs ever made by humans.  God Damn Gavin Rosedale won’t let me embed his songs onto my blog.  Jerk.  Glycerin or Machine-head were really high on my list… But that is okay… who else can I turn to? Girls just wanna have fun…but no…same shit.  I had a lot of prereqs.  Awesome shiny pants dancing.  Mustaches, mullets and vests and some guy sailing away to China.  I sat for hours just stuck.  Then a light from heaven shown on my computer.  It paged itself to youtube and found….Matthew Wilde.

Here you go.  Matthew Wilde.

The Awesome Song of The Day #100.

Matthew Wilde

Break My Stride LIVE!

Dear god this song is sooo bad ass. Sorry Beatles take notes from my boy Matt.



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Calzones.  The word itself just warms your loins.  It tingles your arm hairs doesn’t it?  It cured your leukemia? Yea… didn’t think so they aren’t that incredible.  But they are everything great about food all put in one little handy bread pouch.  I hate wasting all my time messing around with forks and knives.  Don’t even get me started on spoons! Those things make no sense.


Me: what?

Guy: You use them to scoop.

Me: Eyebrows raise gently.  AHHH HOT DAMN!

Thanks again guy.

Calzone.  Your loins are tingling again.  I know.


If was han solo I would have put Luke Skywalker into this instead of the Ton Ton. What a delicious bed this would make.

Here is how you make one.  Get a pen and paper.  Start writing.  Take a pizza now wrap it up in some bread.  Done. Eat!  Those fucking Italians are geniuses.  Except Michelangelo that fucks a hack and a half. Which is nuts because milli vanilli were only full hacks!  Not sure how to utilize this technology elsewhere.  Burritos! Damn Mexico has been all over this trend for decades too!

Guy: I think burritos are centuries old.


They are just so damn hot and juicy and saucey and pepporoniey and pizzaey.  Words haven’t even been invented to describe what these fucking things taste like.  Words like great, yum, tasty, neat, filling.  Hmmm Merriem Webster is telling me those are real words.  Tumreatilling. Which basically boils down to Tasty Yum Great and Filling all mixed together and wrapped in bread.  Like a calzone.  It’s the circle of life.

I was always wondering how all of those ingredients breath though.


Ahhh Gills. Knew it. There fish.

Time to get Fat.


Awesome Song of The Day #87

Tears for Fears

Everybody wants to rule the World

Great video



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We only have one more bank to rob. This one will be it for the summer.  Once we get this one, we will be set for a winter of hanging out feeling the earth move beneath us and surfing.  We have the perfect plan brah, never go for the cash in the vault.  It has worked so many times why wouldn’t it work again?  Next year, whoa….We will be surfing this killer barrel.

I will be decked out in all denim for the 50 year storm

We have talked about it for years now.  Science tells of a 50 years storm that will descend on Bells Beach Australia, next year is the year.  The waves may just kill you.  But don’t fear them “Fear causes hesitation and hesitation will cause your worse fears to come true”.  One last wave is all I want… Am I willing to die for this wave? “If you want the ultimate, you got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It’s not tragic to die doing what you love.”  Sooo Sooo true.  Well its that time.  The police are coming, I’m gonna get one last wave before I go in.  But I don’t think I am coming back.

BAM! "It's a state of mind; it's that place where you lose yourself and find yourself"

Via con dios!


Awesome song of the Day #86

Murray Head

One Night In Bangkok