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Hey pyscho…acid rain isn’t cool! But….It is kind of a toss up.  On the one hand we are killing rivers and trees and my aunt ethel. True, those are all horrible horrible things.  On the other hand it has the power to make statutes scream in acidy pain.  Which I only thought Professor X from The X Men could do.


Statue baby is hating life ... and why? Acid Rain. Nature is so badass.

You have to look at nature like a badass, pissed off neighbor.  He has to live next to annoying humans who won’t stop putting junk and space craft into his yard (the sky if you don’t get my image laden imagery).  So he makes acid fall from the sky.  Don’t get me started on Acid Guy from Robocop either, because soon we will all look like that guy, yes … I am sorta hoping for that.

You don’t understand.  Let Science picture explain.


Acid Rain

Blah Blah Blah Science blah blah.... melting buildings? I'm sold.

I don’t see the big deal, nobody lives in nature anymore? That city looks A-Okay! Nice, We are good.


What I really want is an acid rain movie.  Probably be made by that 2012 guy.  Where people are melting and screaming in the streets while acid melts their faces.  Somebody would run outside with an umbrella to save their baby… who for whatever reason is hiding under a car.  The umbrella is slowly melting and acid dripping down on them.  It is just awesome.  Then Godzilla comes and eats New York and it will end.  I have no idea why I don’t run hollywood.  Did you know that when you spell check Godzilla you get goodwill? makes sense to me, because there is a little godzilla in all of us.  Yes, I have used that reference before…. and I will use it again.

Crap my car is melting… It is raining.


Awesome Song of the Day #73

Interpol – Slow Hands



Nature Awesomeness: Lightning!

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Stop your grumbling.  I can hear it from here.  You’re saying, “Lighting, How is that Awesome, I mean its violent, unexpected, made of electricity, burns holes in trees and can blow your socks off… literally …” See you convinced yourself.  Let me give you a second to retract your doubt.  BEHOLD! 


Lighting must hate the ocean!  Hope nobody is swimming right there.

Lighting must hate the ocean! Hope nobody is swimming right there.



So lighting is pretty scientific, not so much over the heads of our readers;  more just over the heads of our writers.  In a nut shell stuff happens in the sky that causes electricity to destroy stuff after thunder.  That’s actually the Scientific America explanation of how lighting strikes… don’t judge me (Scientific America they are the idiots).  In fact the exact cause of lighting isn’t even known today.  There are a lot of rumors and hearsay but not one scientific rule.  Just like how chocolate is made or how the sun sets without burning the earth (I mean they touch!).  The fact that something happens and we humans can’t figure it out is badass right there.

What happens when lighting hits something.  Explosions, searing pain, bursting flames and glass.  Don’t laugh! It’s true … if lighting hits sand it can turn the silica into glass!  WOW!  I mean I didn’t want my sand box to become a window… fuck you lighting… but that is amazing none the less.  

What happens to humans?????? Your shoes can blow off your feet.  Your teeth can explode! YOU CAN DIE!  But it usually just looks comical like this guy.


WOOOOOW thats hot!

WOOOOOW thats hot!

Lighting is like Nature’s bouncers.  People will always hang out side during rain, snow or wind, but the second lighting hits… even 10 miles away.  Sirens go off and the pool party is over.  Lighting is a party pooper though.  Its just jealous that it can’t swim…every time it tries it ends up killing everything in the pool and that makes lighting sad.  Which in turn makes it angry.  If it can’t attend a pool party … neither can you.

Lesson:  Getting hit by lighting is funny.  According to Google Images.

Lighting hates pool  parties.

Class over.


Awesome song of the Day #19