T’s and A isn’t what your thinking, you pervert you…Well, actually it is that and all things awesome. T’s and A was first discovered by America through the T-Shirt company that bears the same name. The same mental brain trust who run that company also run this site. We believe in enjoying the finer and more awesome things in life. This includes movies, music, girls, comics, fashion, advertising, sports, humor and clam chowder. This site will be dedicated to helping its readers discover and enjoy all things awesome. These things will be many and they will be awesome. Enjoy the ride.

Things to Keep in mind.

1) Awesomeness rules the world. Not the illuminati.  Unless of course they are awesome.

2) It’s not that I don’t know how to do punctuation.  It is that I just don’t care… and I don’t get commas.  Leave me alone Mrs. Moline! I will learn them soon enough.

3) Spelling is the same thing.  If my brain, spell check or my dog can’t figure out how to spell something … it doesn’t exist.

4) Explosions

5) I still want to grow up to be a astronaut.  I just saw Billy Bob Thornton do it.  I can do it.

6) I just want to make some people laugh, including myself.  If you don’t like/laugh that’s okay, I think once I die it will become classic.  Like Bob Marley… Or Alf.

I hope you enjoy my stuff.  Comment as much as you like.  I like to hear words about my words!

See you in space.  That is where I live.


  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

    • hmmm readers heaven, not sure if your spam or not. nice to meet you too though regardless. cause if your a robot that is pretty awesome too.
      and i dont think somebody named readers heaven would be here.

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