People have awesome ways of saying they are going to kick peoples asses.  I like the old stand by.  Hey, Buddy. I’ll punch you in the throat with my fists. You can also use. Yo Guy. Stop touching my Mazda Protege or I will drive it into your house. Bill Nye “the Science Guy” doesn’t use violent words.  He just throws beakers of molten acid on your grille piece and laughs.  He then drives away in a car with grass on it, because he is one bad ass environmentalist.

Another Classic Nye Post Acid Attack Face. Zany Guy.

What the hell is going on on that TV behind Nye.

Bill Nye. “Bondage hot dog eating…”

Me “….” “ahhhHHHHH, AHHH!!!!’ “ACID!”

Bill Nye. “What have I said about looking at me”


Bill Nye – Post Acid Face (refer to above photograph)

Would Bill Nye’s rap name be Ill Nye?

Lebron James apparently is from 1924 and has the best fighting lingo I have heard in ages.

I read the first 4 sentences of this article and knew I didn’t have to read any more.  That would be a waste of time.  I also knew that it was from yahoo news so nobody else is going to read it to check my shit.

That is the article if you are so inclined.

However this is all you needed.

“LeBron James told a heckling fan that he wanted to kick his tail all over the beltway, and if anyone has a problem with LeBron saying as much to that fan they can just take their heckles somewhere else”

I know this is a paraphrase.  But I only want to imagine this is how the whole thing went down.  Beltway? What the fuck is that.  The only people who can say things like, “I want to kick his tail” Are people like me who are very nasally and have to push their glasses up on their face as they say it.  Also, if you don’t like the heckling you can just take your heckles elsewhere? This solves nothing.  Pacifism never entertained me.  So I close my eyes and picture old basketball shooter McChinStrap (that lebron) kicking tails across beltways.  Only to get hit by Bill Nye’s Mazda Protege.




Currently Pole Position for My favorite song of February 13, 2012.  Keep up the good work. Only two hours to keep that spot! Fuck I just told people what time zone I am in.  Here come the barrage of fan hand jobs.


  1. Nye. Bad ass. The bow tie implies it. He is ready to throw down if you say anything about it. I recommend looking at him through a paper plate with a hole in it.

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