I bet so many people stumbled onto this post because they were looking for stuff about Matchbox 20.  Suckers, that is how I get all of my traffic.  Wordsense, or wordplay, or adsense or something to do with food so fatties search for it. Well it is not a total loss.

Why? Because here is a random picture of Rob Thomas!

Rob Thomas

I think he is staring at a banana.

Why would rob thomas stare at a banana like he wants to sex it? What else do you do with a banana?

But while I listen to matchbox 20 I play with Matchbox cars.  I like to keep my music and toys similar. I read Grapes of Wrath while playing the Grape Escape.  I listen to yellow submarine while I urinate, in a submarine.  Maggot Brain? Use your imagination… Yup, I snort maggots.  Maggot Brain has to be the best 10 minute song about maggots and brains.

Matchbox cars are so neat though.  You can practice getting into car accidents at a young age.  I like games that prepare me for adult hood.  Like construction toys at the playground.  I like to recreate fake traffic jams on really hot days with my matchbox cars.  Me and my friend put all of our cars in a traffic jam, then give each other the finger and yell, who is this friend? I thought you had no friends, you ask, well, we will call him Hobo Joe, not because he is a hobo, well he lives in my sandbox, and he doesn’t have a home, which I guess according to dictionaries makes him a hobo, but maybe because his name is Joe, I think I am going to eliminate periods from my keyboard, i only like commas, they are so versatile, like Hobo Joe, he once killed one of my neighbors because they were getting mad that we were, throwing, dog tu,rds over, the, fence, com,ma.

Where was I? Hobo Joe just tried to eat a worm. Gross. I never liked kids who ate worms.  Hobo joe and I are over.  Shit he is trying to kill me. Okay I got him first.  How? Easy, bear. Bear? Yeah that bear I wrestled, i trapped him like the Rancor.  Giant underground battleground? Nope, tuff shed.  Always keep a bear trap in your car.  Just never know.

I like realistic Matchbox cars.  I wouldn’t buy my kids sweet matchbox cars like Beetles or Ford Taurus’s (dont worry I don’t have any kids of my own, I find them at bus stops and outside schools and stuff, it’s amazing how much kids love candy!) I get them cars that they are actually going to own in life.

Junky Matchbox Car

Yes kids, this what you are going to drive when you deliver my pizza, or attend your Insane Clown Posse shows.

Ted Danson is coming over for Fondu and carrots. I’ve gotta go melt some cheese.  This song rocks.

Awesome Song of the Day #155



early candidate for song of the year.



  1. I drove that car in high school. Not that exact one, mine was blue.

    Damn, im old.

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