I get most of my important news from what is trending on Yahoo.  Which is “news” that happened early this week and the 9 people who still use yahoo are just getting around to hearing about.  But SunChips? Why the shit would that trend… and seriously, who eats SunChips?  I am pretty sure if you baked a turd and sprinkled it with cheddar you would have something that tastes better than SunChips.  I mean, to each their own, but I am not into turds.  Well, I have to qualify that statement, turds are hilarious.  In case you are not familiar with SunChips they did this huge ad campaign ( I have no idea how they can afford that either, you have to sell product to advertise.)  With a decomposing bag!

It shows the bag and it disappears.  It decomposes because it is made with plants! My brain doesn’t understand that, but sweet!

But ohhh wait, Americans are complaining about something… Big fucking surprise.

Ohh wait reality check we are Americans and we hate the environment.  But we love our noise free chip eating.  The bags make to much noise? Are you shitting me?  You know what else makes tons of noise while I try and eat chips?

Those aren’t discontinued.

This is the smallest change and we can’t live with it.  Windmills are too ugly and ruin the skyline?  You know what ruins the skyline?


Yea much better than clean air.

People, the point is that if we can’t make a few sacrifices we are gonna F this planet in the A faster than you can bake a turd with cheddar cheese on it.

I will get off my high horse, because I am part of the problem too, and that horse is stoned out of his brains and needs a rest.

Since your brain probably hurts from reading this, let me soothe it.  And by me I mean kells and by soothe it I mean sex it.

Awesome Song of the Day #135

R. Kelly – ECHO

The whole song is worth listening to.

Just to review.  Pretty sure he is having free sex with a hooker.  He gave her some present that he has no idea what it is,  “whatever it is put it on,” he is a gracious host, he gives her time to eat something and wash her face (which is funny since we are talking about R Kelly) and he is yoodeling in front of the Swiss Alps.  I am also pretty sure he thinks the Aurora Borealis is in Switzerland. Greatest video ever.

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