If you haven’t seen the best movie about Alpine Survivalist vs. Airplane full of money bandits … … … … wait for it… … … keep waiting…. …. … right before the end … Cliffhanger.  Get it? I left you hanging? Like a sentence cliffhanger.  I am a master of the english language writing.  Well frankly if you haven’t seen cliffhanger then you will never survive a cave fight with Leon, you won’t know his weakness of giant stalactites through the chest.

Rook is not in this picture but he would appreciate me posting it.

Sly Stallone

The best thing about this picture is the whole thing and Sly aint half bad on the eyes either.

So the rook (my pet name for my boy) and I are sitting in a bubble bath, scene by scene talking about Cliffhanger, getting ready to start in on Slither when Rooks asked me a question.

He says, “Jazzy (that is Rooks nickname for me) have you ever dreamed a big dream?’

Jazzy: “Will you stop talking and wash my back”

Rooks: “I will get to that just, listen for a second”

Jazzy: Long Sigh…..”fine, I can’t say no to you… you were so amazing in the 6th day”

Rooks: “You were always such a flatterer” “But seriously, I have plans big plans”

Jazzy: “Like opening a White Castle?”

Rooks: Look of disgust, “no jazzy”.

Rooks: “Like eating 12 donuts in one sitting.”

It was that minute I knew I was in love.

Rooker is known for his sucker punches. I am known for my black eyes.

Did you know if the Rooks were to have sex with sound waves this song would be his bastard child of noise.


Awesome Song of the Day #129

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


(aka ear boners)

(sorry to make you sit through some David Letterman)




  1. wayne newton Says:

    this blog has it all. bubble baths. comedy. and sly. thank you the awesomeness

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