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Ewww the World Cup, 2 girls 1 cup was bad enough I can’t imagine a World Cup.  Kinda makes me wanna throw up on somebody…

But in all seriousness the entire world just exploded with excitement. THE ENTIRE WORLD.  Ohh a Billion people watch the Super Bowl? Yeah I guess that’s neat and there are some really neat commercials for 3 hours, plus I get an excuse to eat a lot of chips, corn chips if you must know. Yes i start my diet again the day after! But the world cup = 6 -7 billion people all yelling GOOAAAALLLLL!!!! to be fair a few brits are yelling “oye!” and there are a couple Americans asking where their pads and helmets are.

The World Cup is a month of all out hatred for other nations! I literally hope England gets in a real bad car accident today.  What kind of car would England drive? Mini? Aston Martin? Bentley? Nope, Ford Fiesta, they love those things over in Europe.

Ford Fiesta

The 1987 Ford Fiesta, carrying England just was Tboned by Slovakia who were driving a Yugo.

It really is like World War III just started momentarily and U2 sings the theme song.  It is not that I hate Europe, it is that I love America and they hate us and I hate the Ford Fiesta, I am much more partial to the Dodge Pool Party.  Don’t think for a second that everybody in England is not chanting THE U.S. ARE WANKERS in complete unison right now. Which would be quite the amazing feat, Color me impressed.  Everybody talks about the unity the world cup brings.  HA I don’t buy it. It brings different cultures to the same country to drink Pabst and sleep in the streets.

Here are some good examples of the unity the world cup brings.

Rooney Stomp

Nut stomp. Very unifying. Go world!

and….. bald people are just angry.


Zinedine thanking Matterazi for the lovely brunch they had earlier. Europe doesn't shake hands just head butt

But no unity is okay, badass is good enough for me.  I mean Lakers Celtics maybe 3 more times. Ewww, lemme Gun Brains Wall. (alot of people always say things like, I wanted to blow my brains out or that makes me want to shoot myself in the face…. well I do when this nba finals comes on, apparently I want to go out with a gun to my dome piece, so I just shortened it to Gun Brain Wall, gun shoots my brain, my brain hits the wall).  But a month of Soccer to prove who the best Nation is?  Sold.

Sucks for the rest of the world though, even if they win, they still aren’t the USA! WHOAAA! Sea to shining sea bitches!





so american, so fucking great.



Time to watch soccer, no chips during the world cup.  The world cup calls for bon bons and toblerones.


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I have been accused, fairly at that, that I can be a bit unPC at times.  I say things that my mother would shake her head at and say “Ohhhh (fill in the blank with whatever name you fancy)((i’d go with Trevor Rodriguez, that is a man’s man’s name))) you shouldn’t say those things people will think your weird or crazy or an asshole or hilarious! I added that last part for dramatic effect.  Like thunder after lighting.  Maybe I am reading to much into this…

Monster in my pocket

Really? That's the name for a children's toy/game?

So, here is an idea.  Lets get kids okay with the phrase “monster in my pocket”. So if somebody / namely a stranger who may drive a van, or have mustache and wear a windbreaker or buys a lot of candy happens to saddle up next to little timmy at the merry go round and says,  “Hey I have a Monster in my pocket, would you like to play with it? Or see it, or touch it, or trade with yours”.  Little timmy only thinks of that toy / game he loves and says “fuck ya mister” (timmy watch your mouth).  So there is nothing wrong with toys, and monsters are pretty freaking awesome.  If it would have even just been “monsters in my pocket” not as bad, not nearly as pederass.  But that singular Monster in my Pocket, just makes my skin crawl.

So the next time this guy drives up next to your kid at the playground and successfully takes him home.  You have the children’s toy industry to thank. Your Christmas Gift to your son got him molested!

Ohhh sorry, I meant to post a picture of a person who looks like a pedifile, this is just Adam Morrison ... Wait a minute...ewwww

So there ya have it. Kids are dumb and toys peaked with crayons. Can’t get any better or less pederass. Unless of course you had a TV show where a full grown man lived in a basement and acted as a “baby sitter” …

Charles in Charge

There is a new boy in the neighbor hood, he lives downstairs and its understood that he is there just to take good care of me.....right.

HAHA who buys Charles In Charge on DVD? And when can we hang out?


Awesome song of the Day # 119

Adam Kesher (band not person)

French Electro Pop Rock = Damn Catchy



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Holy shit mom. You no longer need to haul around that giant vacuum anymore just to make me happy and make the floor clean as a whistle. Which is an odd statement.  Clean as a whistle…. the only good way to whistle cause if you happen to know what a dirty whistle is, yes it involves blowing air into somebody’s asshole. No you didn’t ask for the answer to that question but I enlightened you anyways. Now that my ass hole as been sufficiently blown into and so has your minds.  We can get back to the task at hand! Forget I Robot, forget Short Circuit forget some other insightful and interesting statement about robots.  They now clean floors.  The world can now end.

Floor Cleaning Robot

Technology so fucking practical.

I always thought that robots would be made to fight wars and space things. That in the future I would have a robot butler but he would still have to lug around that old Bissell ( my personal favorite name for a company, say it, Bissell, BIISSSSEELLLLL, just fun)

Nope instead technology has peaked. So I can fire my stupid robot butler and hire a robot vacuum and I am good to go. Which is also odd to say cause I really don’t go any where.  That vacuum better hope i don’t stick my dick in it, what?! who the hell said that! That is gross! I will need a robot vacuum cleaning robot to clean your man part left overs out of my vacuum.

What would be great is that My Eligh. He’s the lady of house (which if you know him such a true statement) he hates vacuums, he is a big baby and is scared of nearly everything. So if I got a robot vacuum there is a good chance they would fight. Talk about MMA. Forgot Wraslin v Boxing….Dog v Robot.  I’d sell so many tix and be rich and invent a robot toaster that walks up stairs and shoot toast at my face when I sleep to wake me up.  !!!! WHOA!!!! Mind blown. It would double, for free, as a alarm clock. SOLD! TO MYSELF FOR FREE! CAUSE I OWN IT!

Those vacuums sure look like they want to eat that baby...or the TV, robots probably eat electronics... Or babies, RUN BABY THAT VACUUM IS GONNA EAT YOU! OR CLEAN UP QUIETLY AFTER YOU LEAVE CRUMBS!

Next time you want to blow somebody’s mind.  No, not a dirty whistle. Tell somebody “Well you know what they say” and then just walk away.  So great. I do it to my mom all the time. Her head has exploded roughly once, cause thats all that a head can handle, duh.

DIRTY WHISTLES!  I learned that tonight and it makes me laugh. Who is blowing into other peoples assholes? I am wondering … really.  hit me up.  We can Cyber Dirty Whistle.


Awesome song of the Day # 118