Life can be boring. Cubicles, bologna, paint, astroids that aren’t exploded by Bruce Willis.  Those things all suck. Most things in life just need a little piz followed by some azz.  Speak them together it will blow your mind.

Take basketball.  Not jumping. Just 1 point – and boring as turds drying in the sun.

This guy is white and shooting a free throw. Dear lord blow my brains out.

Im not sure that prayer will be answered.  Not sure the lord is into blowing brains out.  I bet he has a wicked badass gold plated gun in a case with chicklets. Ahhh Castor Troy stole gods gun…and his gum.  I bet gods breath stinks.

Now add some jumping to this orange ball sport.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! DUNK SUNSET!!!!! I LOVE SPACE JAM (just thought you'd want to know)

Now that last picture really gets the juices flowing.  Like a juice river or gentle backyard waterfall or v8.

More examples? Are you sure you can handle it?

Ok. Mom take your heart pills before these next ones.

High five?

Good form but no airtime. No Spark! No passion!

Add a dash of pizzazzz? Sure. But Just a pinch.

Yep, jumped out of the atmosphere. And into our hearts.

I am sooo excited that the mom from Home Improvement is getting a new show on NBC. I will be watching it naked with the sound off.  Which is how I watch CSPAN and the nieghbor get ready in the morning….

Animals? Can they get any cooler? YES SILLY! JUMP!

Very Skinny Racoons doing some sort of Jump murder technique.

So I just decided to jump blog.  Didn’t really work out. Fell over and rolled my ankle.  It is all back and blue now.  I will leave the jumping to the animals.

Awesome Song of the Day #123

The Antlers – Two


  1. The non-jumping skinny raccoon knows its over for him. You can see it in his eyes.

  2. People in jumpsuits don’t really jump anymore than the average person. What’s the deal with that?

    … then again, walking around in my birthday suit hasn’t brought me more cake and presents yet either.

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