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I like loons.  They are neat ducks.  Wikipedia states however they are not in fact ducks, a completely different species of birds.  Hey wikipedia, how about this fact of nature? They all used to be velociraptors….  Where is your fancy facts now? Yea thought so, all birds are the same because they used to be things that killed Samuel L. Jackson while he tried to turn the power back on.  Science lesson done.

Loons make cool noises.  Watch this clip while you sleep.  Subliminally.

They are very soothing, like hot rock massages.  Forget sounds of the jungle, think sounds of the loon.  But why I love loons more is because these calm and seemingly normal creatures get associated with crazy people like say Gary Busey.  People call ole Busey “looney” and it gives those sweet ducks a bad name.

The creator of words saw this.


Don't be afraid to nap for a few minutes after looking at these guys and listening to their calls... they are natures 12 beers in 30 minutes.

Then they thought those wondrous creations of vishnu describe this guy really well.

Crazy Guy

I see the resemblance, the pearl necklaces.

Ahh to be an old timey cave man, and get to name things.  That wondrous life has been extinct to modern homosapians for a long time.  All you had to do was just put letters together and nobody questioned you.  Xylophone? Really? Who can you call with it and what the shit is a xylo.  I would have been way better … instead of cow – sazlar.  Chicken – sazlar. Space —? Yep fried chicken. Doesn’t matter there is not point of reference.  Win win win cavemen rule!

For our song of the day I dedicate it to the memory of REAL fried chicken, and big fake boobs!


Awesome Song of the Day #104

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton



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Was jamming to new tunes on the way to see Super Baby aka Sydney my niece and was cranking the tunage to a new CD I got.  Emmanuel and the Fear.  Good stuff.  Then came on Jimme’s Song, and I played it on repeat the entire way back from Super Baby’s house.  Yeah she is pretty sweet she already owns her own house and kicked my ass in Wii bowling, then spit up on me for good measure.  She means business.


Emmanuel and the Fear

Jimme’s Song

Later Gater



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Lots of stuffs is just ho-hum.  Kicking….ugh, played out.  You lift your leg, it hits somebody, they say “ouchey” or “oye!” if they are british or a hasidic jew. High fives, what am I?…. Five? No silly, five year olds these days are way more technologically savvy then I am.

Kid on computer

Kids are so productive on the computer because they haven't yet discovered the web porn yet. Give a few years. Then they will be bald too.

My skills are basically etch – a – sketch.  If I were a rubber band gun of technical proficiency little kids would be the Large Hadron Collider.

To make things better it is really easy.  You don’t need money or 5 year intelligence.  Rather the power of your legs and a little fuck you to gravity.

Take this visual example.


Kick. Not Gonna lie this may be my new favorite person. Move over Bea Arthur.

Wanna make that kick just about 1000x times cooler, large hadron collider cool?

Just throw a little jump and possibly a Hi-ya into the mix! Cool factor check check and check.

Jump Kick

Dear god 5 years olds are gonna take over the world.

You know what else is more neater than just regular.  Cats.  Most people don’t like cats, for whatever reason.  They are probably drunk or something.  But what if you could go jumping with you cat?  Maybe on your bed? Then I think you would lose your job from how much fun it could be.  Stupid 5 year olds can they do this?

Cat Dancing


Jump High Five! Great, Jump Axe Throwing, Jump Jets! I mean damn girl, they are sweet.  Ever seen two men celebrate a great training session by just standing in the surf? Yea didn’t think so.

Rocky III

The only way to celebrate, short shorts and mesh shirts.

I even jumped bloged this shit, sweaty and pumped up I am.  God Dang.



Awesome Song of The Day #102

Gucci Mane

The Movie