Smoke signals are sooo played out, plus too much danger of burning your eyebrows off.  Have you ever burned your eyebrows off in a freak smoke signal accident? Me neither … mine was a volcano accident (me and TLJ were fighting one in LA, no big d.  The reason smoke signals and other assorted flammable messages were done away with is because it is unfortunate to lose one’s eyebrows … also because it spawned the most disgusting personal appearance trend off all time.  Marker Eyebrows.

Marker Eyebrow

Holy hell... Jabba the Hutt drew on eyebrows. Note: hate to break it to this lovely young female, but eyebrows aren't usually flying v's. Who knows maybe she loves coach gordon bombay.

Soooo, the Science Institute of Technology in association with the American Inventors Guild Association of America purchased a zillion tiny lite bulbs (ohh I spelled it right just you wait!), put a 15 watt light bulb behind a board and cut a bunch of holes in it.  Lite Brite was born.  Their idea, important messages could be relayed to people all over the world, especially during the tough visual messaging time of the nighttime.  No more worries of explosions or burned down houses, no more windy days making your smoke message of, War Soon, and turning it into, I just shit my pants, hurry! come see.  Steven Hawking was the first to partake.

Lite Brite

Amen Brother, Amen.

Jeez, kids back when I was one, yesterday, had it so awesome.  The good life.  Lite bright? You shitting me? You could make anything with that shit. Football? DONE, Basketball? DONE, Baseball? DONE.  MR. FUCKING POTATO HEAD! DONE AND DONE SON.

Lite Brite Mr. Potato Head

I'm pretty sure that Potato with eyes, a hat, and mustache is flashing gang signs. I knew Mr. P H was a crip.

Todays Stupid Kids: Hey wanna go feed our digimons? They can die and poop! WHOOO!

Yesteryears Awesome Kids: Ughhh, fuck no.  I’m going to make images with light like a god, then bake a cupcake with a light bulb … also like a god.

Stupid Kids – Fine those awesome toys scare us, our parents won’t let us play with toys that don’t involve something shitting that we have to clean up.

Awesome Kids of Ole – Okay, I am going to play this game where a gorilla throw barrels at a tiny Italian guy.

Dog Toy That Shits

THIS TOYS LITERALLY SHITS. Parents these days actually give their kids a piece of shit for a toy. Holy F.

So yesteryear awesome kids.  Lets join hands and shoot duck hunt guns into the air.  Toys are forever ruined.  Tonight I will dry my tears in my race car bed with my GI Joe jamis.


Awesome Song of The Day –

Awesome Song of The Day #99

Blak Roc

What You Do To me

sooo badddassszzzz!!!!!!



  1. Lite Brite can be used to warn of ZOmbies. Like in that news story.

    head for colder climates.


    watch out for zombies.

    thank god for big ass lite brites over the streets. way more affective than air raid sirens…

  2. Mr Potato Head Crip…and then lite brite signs over the streets?

    Sometimes you just recognize perfection and walk away satisfied. Well played, Gentlemen.

    • yea, i bet most people never thought they would discover perfection in thier lifetime. I am pleased to say I dispense of it 2-3 times a week. yea agreed good work on the lite brites above streets

  3. Awesome track! I really like it!

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