I felt like today is a very lazy sunday.  Surfing the net for a picture of a monkey riding a giraffe sounded like a lot of work today.  I am in a coffee drinking music listening mood and to answer you question, yes I still looked for that picture and could not find one.  This was the best I could muster.  And by me I mean google images and by muster I do mean mustard the yellow condiment that is incredible on hotdogs.

Ehhh ehhh! Pretty sweet, but once you want a giraffe nothing else really satisfies

So, Bike For Three.  Consists of Buck 65, a canadian indie rapper, and Greetings from Tuskan, a belgium ambient producer.  I had previously never heard of Greetings from Tuskan but her music is awesome and his voice is perfect for this music.  The result is one of my favorite albums in a minute.  No mom, not a literal minute, minute is slang for a long time.  Mom, I know a minute is short but thats the point, its slang.  I know you don’t get it mom thats okay go back to your bridge game.  Yes I would like corn bread with dinner.  Thanks mom.

Here are some songs and links.

Rumor has it that Bike for Three! have never met each other.  She sends him the music and he writes and records lyrics and she mixes it.  Pretty cool huh?  I have never met John Stamos but I feel like we would be a good team.  I’m gonna send him some music.

Clocking out.


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