I have a huge account to close.  I need to sell nuclear bombs to the Libyans, but they are very tough negotiators and they are very professional.  I first showed up wearing a three piece Armani suit with wing tip shoes and some awesome gelled hair and just a hint of blush.  Cause a boy needs to look radiant in these situations.  What happens? They turn me down because I looked like a slob! God Damn Libyans.  But you know what I noticed.  They were all wearing these bad boys.

Nothing says sexy beast / most professional person on Earth like a Piano Key Neck Tie.

I put two and two together, got out my calculator, mashed some keys, cause I am not a human number converter! My hypothesis was confirmed, piano neck ties are the only clothing I am wearing from here on out.  Unfortunately the US is way more uptight than Libya I have been arrested like 8 times this week.  Crazy.  They wouldn’t even let me in the Victoria Fashion Show, Sexism, plain and simple.

They confiscated my tie! Also its really weird to google naked arrested guy...I am on some weird government list now I guarentee it

So I went to the laboratory, put some chemicals together, prayed to my gods and made this masterpiece of modern art and clothing.  All business and leisure needs are solved. One fell swooop.  Thanks Guy (from you) Your welcome people (from me),

Brings tears to the Eye...I dabbed them up with my piano key neck tie.

Call it day!


Awesome Song of the Day #80

Billy Medley and Jennifer Warnes – Time of My Life



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