When I get hungry I usually call subway and ask them to deliver me some mac and cheese.  There is usually a pause, I can hear them say, that asshole is calling about mac and cheese again…then they hang up on me.

Mac and Cheese

Have you ever filled your bath tub with Mac and Cheese? It is wonderful. And delicious.

After they don’t make me mac and cheese and deliver to me and spoon feed it to me,  I just go to taco bell and drown my tears in a CGC (Cheesy Gordita Crunch, duh) Maybe wash down that sorrow with some Wild Cherry Pepsi.  Wild Cherry? As apposed to tamed? Do they have a Cherry whisperer?  If so

Dear Taco Bell,

Give me that Job,

Love, Me


P.S. Can you put a Taco Bell franchise in my bathroom? 2 reasons, 1) I don’t have to leave my house to get diarrhea and then I am already in my bathroom.  Win Win Win, except for the guy who then has to work in my bathroom…or girl I would be equal opportunity employer.

I am not sure how or why or who discovered Mac and Cheese, I heard it was Christopher Columbus but others have told me it was Einstein, doesn’t matter whoever it was should win some sort of award.  Peabody or Golden Globe would suffice.  It is so cheesy and warm and filling and just makes me feel loved.  I just lay in bed and get whipped by a dominatrix and she throws mac and cheese in my face…just a normal saturday night at my house.  Kids know what is up when it comes to food.  If something is good enough that all kids like it, it is probably pretty freeeeeeaaaaakin neat, and kids are usually shit heads about everything.


Mac and Cheese

No wonder kids like it! Mascots, kids are so dumb.



The only downside to constantly eating mac and cheese? … the orange solid material that is in all my veins where my blood is supposed to be is kinda weird.  But I digress it’s fucking awesome.

Im Full

Awesome Song of The Day #72


No Video But So Worth It





  1. If I had all the Mac and Cheese in the world … I wouldn’t give you any … even the bits stuck to the bottom of the pot.
    There are only 2 people I share KD with … me and you aren’t the other one. sorry.

    hee hee!

  2. hands down my all time favorite food. i like the kraft one, i like the annies one, i even do a semi healthy home made version that gives me a food orgasm every time!

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