At first when I learned the wonders of the english language I had no idea how popsicles could be a word.  How could Meriam Webster be crazy enough to combine those things?  On one hand we have: The picture on the left, gross old guy.  On the other hand the picture on the right…Killing/Farming tool.


Iggy pop does not make me want to put something into my mouth...



Come to think of it...this doesn't really make me want to put something in my mouth either... other than sharp rusty metal.






So when my mother, lovely lady she is, asked baby me.  Hey baby get your finger out of your nose and eat this popsicle.  Look of shear tear came over my face… I cried and said I don’t wanna put iggy pop holding a sickle into my mouth! WAHHHH!!!!! (a lot of crying ensued, then I got tired and napped)

Isn’t it weird that little kids love napping on carpet squares?  I mean holy shit.  You want to lay in a bed or on the couch they are basically like clouds but on the ground and you won’t fall through and die..

Little Kid – nope I’m good with a square of 1/4″ thin material that is actually kinda itchy.

Parent…  weird… whatever.

Sooooo. My mother went to the freezer, again my mind was blown, actually fucking blown.  How is iggy hanging out in my freezer?  And he better not be eating my mini pizzas.  That dick looks like he would eat my food in a heartbeat.  So she pulled out a box and opened a creamsicle.



This picture best describe who I am as a person ... a monkey ...



Ahhhhh sicle not sickle! Dumb me!  And Pop… like???? Yea that part still doesn’t make sense.  But whooo! It was wondrous, then my brain froze and I cried again, boy ohhh boy was I a baby.

Popsicles are good!  I just feel bad for the people who didn’t know the translation and actually put Iggy Pop in your mouth… you might want to Brush them teeth.


Awesome Song of the Day #71 (more el ten eleven)

El Ten Eleven – Sorry About Your Irony








  1. The creamsicles have Eric Clapton in them though.

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