Usually when an annoying person yaks on about the summer solstice or how good kabobs are…no phil, I don’t want one!  All I want to do is throw a rope spear from my palm, gently impale their torso and ask them ever so sweetly to “come over here” then I give them a swift uppercut, or just say “hey…soooooshhhhhh”.  Because I was raised by the Sega Genesis …. and 16 bit decapitations.  Which are only slightly less cool than real lifes ones.


Now you know what is above my bed...

You want to hear about the 2nd best day of my life.  Well it was yesterday.  I was at my day job, as a nerdy female.  I was walking around some sort of building.  I heard somebody yell mortal kombat then I brake danced and got my picture taken with Scorpion.  Almost as sweet as the day I got to tour the ketchup factory and they let me take home 5! count em bitch 5! Ketchup packets.  Uhh huhhh. Be jealous its okay.  Yep it was Heinze fuck Hunts.



I am a good looking lady



Awesome song of the Day #68

MORTAL KOMBAT – RAIDEN AND THE LIGHTNING BOLTS (or Sub Zero and The Plain Zeros (i think only fans of running man will get that one)



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