Sorry to disappoint  all of you internet surfers who were looking for a commentary on the 80’s movie starring Eddie Murphy!  I’ve sadly never seen it, as it doesn’t fit my criteria for wanting to watch movies… Predators.  Ohhhh yea I am not shameless at all … link to my own genius…what now Oprah!  My only goal in life is to get Oprah as a regular reader.

Boomerangs seem  so practical … I can’t figure out why people who use spears don’t use boomerangs

Guy : Here throw this spear at that antelope / or ant eater which ever you prefer

Other Guy : I prefer the ant eater… and I hate spears if I miss what happens?


Other Guy: Yea thought so… unnecessary walking.  I need a weapon that comes back to me when I miss, and then when our culture becomes obsolete we can sell them to American tourists who will then throw them once and give up because its hard and then put it in a closet some where…

I mean look who uses them! Only the best and brightest

This kid saves australia from a bunch of gay dudes driving dune buggies...

This kid, with just a boomerang, saves Australia from a bunch of gay dudes driving dune buggies...

I figure we incorporate this same technology into other weapons.  If my uzi doesn’t kill all the crips I am trying to explode then i want all those bullets back for another drive by.  Bullets come back…slide into the barrel and back into the clip… ready for drive by #2.  I am gonna win the Nobel Violence Award for that invention.  Just you watch.

I just think boomerangs need a new spokesperson to get the word out there that boomerangs are all the rage with teenagers and such.  Like this guy…I bet he loves teenage boys!

Now put that picture in Maxim....cha ching... 4 billion boomerangs sold. Done

Now put that picture in Maxim....cha ching... 4 billion boomerangs sold. Done

Im done talking for the day… I hope you are done learning for the day.

Note : Don’t throw boomerangs at the sun.  They will start on fire.  And you will lose your toy.  FU SUN!


Awesome Song of the Day #61

Ladyhawke – Magic



  1. Boomerangs are in different shapes and sizes. One should know how to use it.

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