Sorry my 4 fans…I came back then went on vacation!  Im kinda an asshole…but posts should be much more regular because my computer just had some fiber!….(get it…ehh!) SHITTING JOKE!

Now I was surfing the netsky for cool stuff like Emilio Estevez’s home address and turn ons when I noticed this gem that I had completely forgot about.

The Outsiders is an incredible moment in movie making history/world history.  Screw the moon landing or the hindenberg… the most imporant picture of all time is this one.  Prepare for nostalgia overload!!!!!


The Outsiders....but very much inside of my heart!

The Outsiders....but very much inside of my heart!

Now to get the full value of this picture you need to breakdown each pose.  

1. Emilio Estivez – Arms crossed, no sleeves, about to steal your girlfriend and stab you in the face, but he’d also play catch with his little brother

2. Ralph Macchio – Trying to look tough but gay smile creeps through on its own.

3. C Thomas Hollowell (no I don’t have time to Google his name to many pictures of him from Soul Man which gives me bad dreams) He is wishing he was Emilio Estevez

4. Tom Cruise – Trying to flex…but we can see your hand under your bicep pushing it up….im not impressed! Thats a lie that tattoo is incredible. I can’t see what it is but I am imagining a Flaming Eagle holding a sword

5. Matt Dillion- Matt Dillion was in the Outsiders? What the fuck for?

6-7. Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze – they are grouped together because they are to busy “gay”zing into each other eyes to stop for 5 seconds for 1 tough ass picture.  Assholes.  

I take that back Pat your not an asshole.  Rob Lowe…you kinda are sorry, West Wing sucked.

That picture is now my computer background it’s too incredible.  I hate to sound like an old guy but they just don’t make em like this anymore.

(that “Gay”zing joke is as G as it gets by the way)



Awesome Song of the Day # 41

Grand Buffet – Cool As Hell

That Flyers Jacket is Money.



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