Basketball Awesomeness: Lebron James

If you don’t by now you will never know.  When it is all said and done Lebron James will be remembered as the best basketball player ever.  Haters start becoming agitated that anybody would say that.  Well, fuck off…how about that?  Being massive Denver Nugget supporters it only pains us slightly to say “Lebron James is the Best”.  Melo is the man but only top #10.  Dwayne Wade can carry a game at any time but he doesn’t carry every game.  Kobe is Kobe, he is dirty (in the baller way… well … and the dirty elbow people in the throat way too).  But nobody can guard, stop or even slow down Lebron James.  He doesn’t miss shots because he took a bad shot; he only lets the other team have a little chance to stay in the game.  If you haven’t watched the playoffs then you have missing his incredible acumen (yeaaaaa nice word son!) for playing basketball.  At least 10 times a game, repeat… at least 10 a game, he does something that you must tivo and watch at least one more time.  


The rest of the teams are playing in his league.

The rest of the teams are playing in his league.

Here is a sample of what a normal day looks like for Lebron James.  

6 am – Wake up

7 am – Make 300 three pointers in a row

7:15 am – Hunt a deer.

8:00 am – Cook said deer and make some eggs with a glass of milk.  Sometimes Orange Juice.

9:00 am – Run to practice which is 27 miles away.

9:15 – Get to practice / Stretch.

10:00 am – Make 300 more three pointers.

10:15 am – Walk on Water 

11:00 am – Nap time.

12:00 – Lunch Time – A sandwich.

1:00 pm – Build an entire house for Habitat for Humanity

2:00 pm – Attend a Peace Conference in the Mid East and broker a peace deal between Isreal and Palastine

3:00 pm – Read to blind children while making 300 more three pointers, this time they are underhand.

4:00 pm – Get ready for the game

5:00 pm – Break dance for awhile

6:00 pm – Score 35 Rebound 15 and Assist 9 (off night)

10:00 pm – Run Home

10:15 pm – Paint a portrait of his mother saving a bus from a group of bears. (yea, I actually want that painting also)

11:00 sleep

And that was just monday.

For those who truthfully don’t know – Enjoy this.

Lebron’s best moments of 09′

MVP at 24…Nuff Said.


Please don’t go to the Knicks…PLEASE!


Awesome Song of the Day # 33

Wale – Artistic Integrity (yep more Wale…cause he is the truth)


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