The Hidden came out in 1987.  It is a gem of movie making genius.  It was an independent release at the time and made 5 million dollars.  According to my brain thats really good for then.  It is what movie nerds (myself) like to call a “cult classic” which is sorta odd because I don’t think the branch dividians or hale – boppers liked The Hidden… but they may have.  Never know … definitely not going to know now.  It is kinda a cliche to say but … I am going to say it anyways … they just don’t make them like this anymore.  


You are just waiting on the edge of your seat to learn why this movie deserves a movie awesomeness post.  Sorry, we are kinda cock teasing right now. Okay, here is the premise.  An alien comes to earth that loves to cause havoc and gets off on adrenaline.  So it goes around taking over human bodies, robs banks, kills people, gets into police chases in a Ferrari, tries to assassinate a politician, takes over a stripper and sexes a guy to death and those are the parts I can remember. Ohhh yea and if that wasn’t enough, and if it wasn’t your impossible to please, flame-throwers. 


Aliens have all the fun.

Aliens have all the fun.

Sooooooo … how do the Earthlings have any chance against this thing?  They don’t really except for one hard as nails cop and an “FBI” agent who is actually another alien who just wants to murder that other asshole alien.  Like a non gay MIB.

The whole movie rocks but the beginning rivals such beginnings as Heat and Saving Private Ryan and Bambi.  So, this alien robs a bank, shoots a bunch of people with a shotgun, gets into a black Ferrari Testarossa and gets into a police chase.  Don’t mind that for some reason the police cars can keep up with a Ferrari thats no big deal.  A lot of crashing ensues.  Our asshole alien antagonist decides to hit a guy in a wheel chair and aims at two guys carrying a plate glass window across a street and smashing their window and heads on his windshield.  The cops then set a barrier, shoot him a bunch of times and he gets out of the car and smiles.  Then the Ferrari explodes.  So awesome.  Best part, found that clip on You Tube. Enough of me telling you about it, if a picture is worth a thousand words this clip is worth 47 trillion words.



Awesome song of the Day #28

Woodhands – I Wasn’t Made For Fighting

Video is sooooo coooool (with multiple o’s!)


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