It’s amazing that something with so little production value can have such an impressive following, it is kinda of like this blog, but without the impressive following. It got us thinking about a very important question.  Why do people like Godzilla so much?  I think it can all be summed up with a quote from Godzilla 2000, in which a wise man once said, “Maybe because… there is a little Godzilla inside each one of us!”  Which hopefully wasn’t meant literally cause that could really hurt.


Our Power Animal

I just hope the little part of Godzilla in me isn't the pointy crystals...

Godzilla comes from the Pacific Ocean to destroy or protect Japan.  However he is feeling that day.  He is like Japan’s pimp, he will occasionally bitch slap it a little bit; but if another monster is messing with his turf he will come to it’s rescue and kick the shit out of that monster.  Godzilla has fought a giant moth who was presumably trying to eat Godzilla’s sweaters.  He has also fought giant robots and a space rock that for some reason then became a monster who also for some reason hated Godzilla.  I could be wrong, but I think people like Godzilla because they like watching giant monsters getting into fisticuffs and accidently smashing buildings in the process.  Hey, I never said it would be a good explanation.  Just the Truth.  I just wish old cool Godzilla would find and murder new and gay American Godzilla.

I have found that some people complain that Godzilla is just to hard to read as an actor.  They say, “He is too wooden and one dimensional.”  To that I say, “for the untrained eye, maybe… but let me train you”.  

You say, “thanks.”

I say, “Your welcome” 


Follow along from left to right top to bottom (just incase you’re just learning how to read)



Godzilla the Thespian's Thespian

Godzilla the Thespian's Thespian




1. Happy

2. Sad

3. Worried

4. Excited

5. Nervous

6. Horny

7. Bloated

8. Hungry

9. Curious

10. Drunk

11. Reflective

12. Stuffed

13. Cowardly

14. Hot and Bothered.

15. Concentrating

16. Awestruck

Now you can watch Godzilla and actually know what is going on.



Awesome Song of the Day #26

This is normally called kidnapping but Billy Ocean is a smooth operator.



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