I was previously going to do a post on RoboCop, which will come, relax sweet babies…relax.  Then I turned on AMC and Heat was premiering which pretty much ruins/makes (however you look at it) the rest of my sunday.  If Jesus were to make movies instead of walk on water and break bread with his homies this would probably be the movie he would make. It is just so slick and somehow Michael Mann even succeeds in getting the audience to not hate Tom Sizemore. 


Does this look like Gang Bangers working the local 7-11 to you?  Nope looks like Jason decided to use a machine gun instead of a machete...

Does this look like Gang Bangers working the local 7-11 to you? Nope looks like Jason decided to use a machine gun instead of a machete...

The last good work Al Pacino did and arguably the last good work De Niro has done.  I can understand the argument that it is a tad to long, but I also think if you watch it you tend to forget about that little fact with how much awesomeness is packed into the whole thing.  Spoilers!!!!

So it starts out with a high-jacking of an armored car carrying bonds held by everybody’s favorite character actor William Ficthner.  Waingrow a guy in the gang just in for this one job, he ends up going psycho (or as we find out just is psycho) kills a guard, then they have to kill the rest.  It’s brutal.  So some stuff in the middle happens, we find out Val Kilmer is broke and a mess, Pacino’s life is also a mess, De Niro just wants somebody to hold him and Jon Voigt looks like a cancer patient.

Al Pacino yells alot and De Niro does some squinting and near whispering.   They lose a job because the Heat is on them.  Thats were the title comes from!  They decide to do a huge job worth about 13 million because some guy in a wheel chair can pull information out of the sky.  Or so he says I think he just uses the internet.  Natalie Portman, Al Pacino’s step daughter tries to kill herself and De Niro hooks up with Judging Amy lady.  

So we get to the big heist scene.  Body armor, machine guns and tons of cash.  That asshole Waingrow sold them out, Tom Sizemore gets shot in the face and about 3 billion bullets are fired, if you don’t like gun fire or the whole city of LA getting shot up, don’t watch this scene.  You know its good when it inspires actual criminals to do the same thing!  Real life imitating art, Picasso would be proud.


WWIII De Niro & Kilmer vs Pacino

WWIII De Niro & Kilmer vs Pacino

So De Niro wants out but he is obsessed with getting revenge on Waingrow.  Here is one of the most subtle parts of the movie that most people miss.  De Niro told Kilmer, “Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.”  Which we see him do to Judging Amy so most people think wow, he stuck to his guns.  But his obsession with Waingrow is the reason they didn’t get away cause he couldn’t walk away from that in 30 seconds flat.  Damn Michael Mann…Damn. 

Yea that all happened in 1 movie, and I left alot of stuff out.  Go see it. NOW!



Awesome Song of the Day #20 is Dedicated to Heat.  Probably one of the best uses of a song in a movie ever.  Not the whole thing cause its long.  But enough to make you want to buy the song and listen to it on repeat. Yep, that good.



  1. Was this song in HEAT?

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