Now for the sake of Journalistic integrity (our obvious number 1 concern) I must admit the muppets prime was a little before my time.  So I didn’t necessarily  get to enjoy the muppets in their prime.  When they ruled the radio waves, television channels and young girls hearts all over America and Canada. 


Play on Playaz..Play on...

Play on Playaz..Play on...

What was great about the muppets was how eclectic they were,  and Awesome.  They were in a band/vaudeville style show, just trying to make it big in the entertainment industry.  There were cute muppets, scary muppets, funny muppets, muppets that didn’t talk and two old muppets who just drunkenly talked shit the whole time from a balcony.  Today’s kid entertainment sucks.  A main deterrent to having kids would be having them watch the shit that comes out today.  Bob the builder? So kids…let’s all be construction workers.  Dive Olly Dive…if you havn’t seen that shit yet ughhh…its about these fun loving submarines that try to learn you stuff.  Thomas the Train? How scary looking is that thing!  Sponge Bob!…wait…I can’t really hate on spongebob…Dauber from Coach is in it.  You can’t hate on Coach.  

But The Muppets…they just wanted to make you laugh.  Which is great, supposedly laughter is the best medicine or  at least thats what the Mayo clinic told me.  One of the key factors in the hilarity of the Muppets was the simplicity that was utilized.  Example.

You see Zoot, the sax player, playing the number, and then Mahna Mahna comes in and tries to steal the spotlight with a bell solo.  The song with their additions is hilarious on its own.  It was simple enough for kids to enjoy and clever enough for adults to laugh.

But the line…”what If I rufuse to play it…what If I get a new sax player” classic!  Not only did kids love this shit…but adults can still appreciate it.  That takes ridiculous skill and talent.

The Muppets spawned dozens of spin-offs, movies and specials.  Sesame Street is cool by association.  Plus the single coolest fake character ever was created in the process. 


What were you thinking Gonzo?

What were you thinking Gonzo?

In one episode Animal yells “KILL KILL KILL” while attacking Dudley Moore, I mean who hasn’t done that once or twice when confronted with Dudley Moore.  BUT you would NEVER get that in a cartoon today, there would have to be  moral (not that that is always bad… I.E. Full House (coming soon)) and some tears and some soft music….ugh…BRING BACK JIM HENSON, we need him! THE KIDS NEED HIM.  I KNOW he’s dead, but I can almost guarantee he’s frozen somewhere and Beeker and Dr. Bunson Honeydew are working on a way to bring him back to life.  

Godspeed good Doctors, Godspeed.



Awesome Song of The Day #15!



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