There are a lot of good video games from back in the day.  Duck Hunt, Bubble Bobble, Castlevania, etc etc etc… all of those or none may get future posts, so stop your fretting, it is out of your hands.  But that ish is irrelevant because the most awesome NES game, had to be SPY HUNTER.  That game was made of electronic gold dust.



Coolest Car Ever?

Coolest Car Ever?



Awesome Characteristic 1 – Continuous game play.  You never stop, until the end.  Which I don’t even believe exists.  You say you’ve beaten it? Prove it.  Show me the screen shots, or the diorama  you made in its honor that features life like recreations of what happens at the end.  You can’t, I know.

Awesome Characteristic 2 – CAR/BOAT…when you get sick of driving a car… ohh there is a speed boat waiting for you…and its drive to Cuba for mojito fast. (high five for Miami Vice)

Awesome Characteristic 3 – Weapons.  Smoke Screen, Oil Slick!…ROCKETS! (you already know we are hooked if its got rockets)  Sometimes you accidently shoot a civilian…ohh well…they spin out and disappear.  Pesky helicopter bothering you…blow it up with some rockets…or make it drop its bombs on an AHOLE bad guy limo.

Awesome Characteristic 4 – The music. So catchy…I am not sure why that song isn’t a top 40 hit every week.  I know its in my Itunes most played.  History lesson – Song…is from a late 50’s Early 60’s Cop Show.  Peter Gunn.  We stop and try to teach the kids something here on T’s & A. It is court ordered so don’t get used to it.


But rough waters may be ahead.  There have long been rumors of a Spy Hunter Movie.  Which is unnecessary (I mean really it is just a car that drives in a straight line),  but the worst part is Paul W.S. Anderson is attached to direct (AVP!) and he took over for John WOO!!! (FACE/OFF!!!) ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! If we still had John Woo directing Spy Hunter it could have starred Nick Cage.

Granted this is a fake poster…but this name is the one who circles around as the star….




I am sure we have all suffered enough from that last picture please enjoy the next video as my condolences. 

Final Parting Shot.

Enjoy –



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