So kids it’s our first real post and we racked our brains to come up with the best of the best for day one.  We thought to ourselves what has it all?  Action, adventure, explosions, monster, Arnold, Apollo creed, the former ruler of Minnesota and a mini gun.  Only one movie came to mind and satisfied all of our prerequisites.  PREDATOR.  If you are not familiar with this movie you need to drop what your doing, even if that means childbirth, being an astronaut or curing cancer and go watch it immediately.  It’s probably on Spike TV right now so your in luck.      

Awesome Cast Blow Shit UP the whole movie

Awesome Cast Blows Shit UP the whole movie

Okay, so you have a group of commandos who specialize in blowing shit up and taking names.  They get sent into the forest to listen to James Brown and save some dudes.  After blowing up an entire village we discover they are being used for political bullshit.  Arnold yells some and Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies yells some, somebody flexes and somebody else almost gets bitten by a scorpion but gets saved by a knife and some laughing.  This is only the first 1/2 hour!  Soon we meet are antagonist and as Arnold puts it, perfectly, One Ugly Mother Fucker.     

One Ugly Mother Fucker

One Ugly Mother Fucker

He blows some people up, skins them, takes their skulls for his trophy room and also does some yelling.  Ohh yea, he can see heat and can become invisible.  Fucking Awesome!  So he kills everybody, except Arnold, they have a fist fight, Arnold drops a log on his head and wins.  What does this thing do … blows himself up and does some more laughing.  Arnold is saved from a nuclear explosion by a rock which is cool.  Thanks rock.  End of Movie.  Hour and a Half of perfect.  If you haven’t seen this movie go do it.  Put down that dissertation you won’t be sad.

T’s and A Out.


  1. It’s nice to see the tee shop you’ve been working on. Funny stuff!

  2. […] sadly never seen it, as it doesn’t fit my criteria for wanting to watch movies… Predators.  Ohhhh yea I am not shameless at all … link to my own genius…what now Oprah!  My […]

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